Delivers Better Performance than Competition
– HP DDR4 SmartMemory for Gen9 Servers provide 14% better performance in rack and tower servers.
– DDR4 SmartMemory for Gen9 Servers have 33% better performance in HP BladeSystem enclosures.
– HP SmartMemory enables HP ProLiant Gen9 Server series to reliably identify and confirm that installed memory has passed the rigorous HP qualification and testing. That means you are getting genuine HP Qualified Memory for optimal, reliable performance.
– Verifies that your memory has been tested and performance tuned specifically for your HP ProLiant Servers. Most third-party memory vendors simply don’t do this or aren’t capable of platform-level testing. HP SmartMemory is sourced only from Tier 1 DRAM suppliers.
– When used in conjunction with HP OneView, SmartMemory enables fault prediction capabilities. If potential problems develop in one of the DIMMs, HP OneView lets you know in advance so you can have the DIMM replaced, before it fails, under warranty.

Lower Power Consumption
– HP DDR4 SmartMemory has 37% lower power than DDR3 at the same speed.
– DDR4 SmartMemory allows closer DIMM spacing enabling less expensive CPU heat-sink.

Reducing Downtime and Providing Better Environmental Experience in Your Data Center
– HP DDR4 SmartMemory offers a 1% reduction in memory-related outages.
– With the lower power consumption, the DDR4 SmartMemory requires lower fan power and offers better acoustics.

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Product Description


32GB (1x32GB) Dual Rank x4 DDR4-2133 CAS-15-15-15 Registered Memory Kit

Is finding reliable DRAM memory for your HP ProLiant Server series in your data center a major challenge? When you choose HP SmartMemory you get the same high quality, reliability, and confidence that come with your HP ProLiant Gen9 Server series. DRAM quality and reliability are more important now than ever.

Industry trends such as server virtualization, cloud computing, the use of large database applications, and high-performance computing have all increased the need for higher capacity memory with greater reliability and uptime. HP SmartMemory is a unique technology introduced in HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers that unlocks certain features available only with HP Qualified Server memory in Gen9 servers also.
HP SmartMemory enables ProLiant Gen9 systems to reliably identify and verify whether installed memory has passed the rigorous HP qualification and testing processes. And because the memory is authenticated, you can enable extended memory performance features through the system ROM.

What’s new
– HP SmartMemory 32GB 2R RDIMM DDR4 Memory for Gen9 Servers
– Speed of 2133 MHz
– Voltage @ 1.2v
– Expecting 1% reduction in memory related outages
– 4x memory capacity increase
– Lower fan power and better acoustics

CAS latency  Column Address Strobe (CAS) latency, or CL, is the delay time between the moment a memory controller tells the memory module to access a particular memory column on a RAM module, and the moment the data from the given array location is available on the module's output pins. In general, the lower the CAS latency, the better. 15
Internal memory  A computer's memory which is directly accessible to the CPU. 32  GB
Internal memory type  The type of internal memory such as RAM, GDDR5. DDR4
Memory clock speed  The frequency at which the memory (e.g. RAM) runs. 2133  MHz
Component for  What this product is used as a part of (component for). PC/server
Memory form factor  Design of the memory e.g. 240-pin DIMM, SO-DIMM. 288-pin DIMM
Memory voltage  The voltage (V) of the memory in the device. 1.2  V
ECC  ECC means Error Correction Code, and it is memory that is able to detect and correct some memory errors without user intervention. Yes
Memory layout (modules x size) 1 x 32  GB
Memory ranking 2
Compatible products  Other products that can be used with this product. ProLiant Gen9 Server series

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