HP Designjet T520 24-inLarge format ePrinterplotter

Printer Functions : Print
Type : DesignJet
Color : Black
Connectivity : USB, Ethernet & Wi-Fi

1 year warranty
100% Guaranteed Warranty



Product Description


Designed to fit your office and the way you work this compact printer makes it easy to print architectural designs, maps, photos, and presentations with sharp detail up to 2400 dpi. Print easily from a smartphone or tablet with HP Mobile Printing.
Micro/small architect, engineering, and construction offices that need a productive, professional large-format printing solution.This is simply an easy, convenient printing. HP Click software makes it easy to print project sets and PDF documents. The intuitive touchscreen simplifies navigation. With wireless connectivity, place the printer anywhere your Wi-Fi signal reaches.


  1. This printer is categorized as an entry level printer for the user who has low volume of print outs
  2. It is available in two sizes that would be the 24 inches and the 36 inches
  3. If you print volume is high then this machine may not be able to keep up with the speed required for volume prints
  4. Typical Prints speeds that are achievable are 35 seconds for an A1 print (color/mono)


  1. The build quality of this printer is a combination of plastic and metal components.
  2. The machine is light weight and easy to transport from one location to another.
  3. At the outset it does feel a little too plastic however upon reviewing the video below it does not affect the performance of the machine.
  4. If your looking for something extremely rugged or in conditions which are harsh this may leave you wanting more.
  5. The touch screen is great and its very responsive to the touch.


  1. There are numerous technological advances that the T520 Desingjet has to offer.
  2. WiFi Connectivity this is the only printer in the CAD and Reprographic range that offers full WiFi connectivity
  3. This means in a fully WiFi connected office there is no need for any pesky wires to be running about.
  4.  This allows users the freedom to send jobs over their wireless network and even through the cloud for cloud printing
  5. Job Processing is also good with its 1 gb ram for fast data processing
  6. It is important to note that the T520 is the only large format plotter available with this ram capability.
  7. A plotter that is equipped with this amount of ram means that the processing is faster.
  8. One thing to note is that print speed should be calculated by job processing + actual print speed which i will write about later.
  9. The screen is equipped to let users clearly see what is being printed, in the preview screen
  10. Bypass tray is equipped to handle A4 and A3 print out capability
  11. This means you can seamlessly print A4 and A3 drawings without the stress of changing the roll that has been loaded.
  12. DPI: 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi meaning that fine lines and details are clearly and easily distinguished
  13. Connectivity is done through Ethernet, WiFi and USB so you will have many options to choose between connections


  1. The HP Designjet T520 is unique in its method of deploying inks..very unique indeed.
  2. Unlike most large format plotters that pumps the inks through the internal tubes.
  3. This plotter does not do so, what it in fact does is a direct from ink tank to print head to paper configuration
  4. This means inks doesn’t run through any unnecessary tubing which allows for evaporation.
  5. Less evaporation and no maintenance ink tank means that your consumables to buy are much less
  6. The ink tanks however are smaller in capacity roughly about 38ml for a black cartridge and 29ml for the color
  7. The good thing however is that there are only 4 colors to print CMYK.
  8. This means that unlike most other HP and Canon plotters you only need to purchase 4 ink cartridges.
  9. This makes it a very efficient machine when it comes to printing, though you may need a set of cartridges around as a spare in case of running out.
  10. Print head which is an expensive component of a plotter this machine promises a long print head life with no print head change over the natural lifetime of your printer.


Q: Does this printer come with ink or do I need to purchase it separately?
A:  It comes with printer. If you want to purchase more ink, it is better to order from Shopkees.com.
Q: What’s the maximum size I can print with this?
A: 24″ wide 150′
Q: Does this printer also have a scan capability, or is it print-only?
A: No. just printing.
Q:Can this printer print banners?
A: You can print banner using polypropylene paper (normal and adhesive).
Q: Where Is the best price for HP large format  Designjet T520 ?
Compatible cartridges: CZ129A HP 711 38-ml Black; CZ130A HP 711 29-ml Cyan;CZ131A HP 711 29-ml Magenta;CZ132A HP 711 29-ml Yellow;CZ133A HP 711 80-ml Black;CZ134A HP 711 3-pack 29-ml Cyan;CZ135A HP 711 3-pack 29-ml Magenta;CZ136A HP 711 3-pack 29-ml Yellow



Brand HP
Model Number CQ890C
Printer Functions Print
Type DesignJet
Color Black
Connectivity USB, Ethernet & Wi-Fi
Weight 50.00 kg
Printhead C1Q10A HP 711 Designjet Printhead Replacement Kit
Compatible cartridges CZ129A HP 711 38-ml Black; CZ130A HP 711 29-ml Cyan;CZ131A HP 711 29-ml Magenta;CZ132A HP 711 29-ml Yellow;CZ133A HP 711 80-ml Black;CZ134A HP 711 3-pack 29-ml Cyan;CZ135A HP 711 3-pack 29-ml Magenta;CZ136A HP 711 3-pack 29-ml Yellow
Dimensions (W, H, L ) in cm 112.3 x 62.6 x 57.7
Warranty 1 year warranty

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